Undertaker vs Lesner I would chose Lesner. A 45 year old Undertaker would get mauled by Lesner. Undertaker told or asked him something about fighting him good luck! Undertaker was at the UFC 121 fight in which Heavyweight Champ Brock Lesner lost to Cain Velasquez hung with Lesner in the first round and beat him by KO. Lesner however would destroy the "actor" Undertaker without all the BS like chairs and props. OK, now since I got that off my chest lets talk about basketball, kinda.......... A Cleveland Sports Radio Show brought along all the BS back trying to curse a now hated LeBron. I think it was very stupid of them to do that. Listen, I'm Christian so I think it's pretty dumb of them to do that. Now that I've got all that off my chest you may post a comment of your opin

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